How To Create A Valentine’s Party Popcorn Buffet For Kids

This straightforward popcorn bar will both brighten any Valentine’s class room party and supply youngsters with an enjoyable and inventive method to create their very own decorative and scrumptious treat.

What you will need:

1. Popcorn in a variety of Valentines Colors (Kernel Coladas Gourmet Popcorn includes a great range of popcorn tastes)

  • Cherry Cordial Popcorn
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Popcorn
  • CocoaBerry Popcorn
  • Cotton Chocolate Popcorn
  • Caribbean Cherry Popcorn
  • Surfin’ Strawberry Popcorn
  • White-colored Cheddar Popcorn

2. Seven medium to large apothecary jars or decorative storage containers

3. Two metal chocolate scoops

4. Decorative Valentine’s table cloth

5. Cardstock and ornamental Valentines craft paper

6. Popcorn labels

7. Decorative ribbon

8. Obvious plastic Chinese takeout boxes or similar treat boxes

9. Valentines stickers

10. Scissors


1. Cover your table using the decorative table cloth and arrange your apothecary jars up for grabs inside a pleasing arrangement. Stagger your containers to produce balance for that popcorn buffet.

2. Fill each one of the containers with one flavor of gourmet popcorn. Put the metal chocolate scoops up for grabs for the children to make use of to scoop their very own tastes of popcorn.

3. Create decorative labels together with your cardstock and craft paper to label each one of the flavor containers of popcorn then affix labels towards the containers with ribbon.

4. Arrange china takeout boxes, or treat boxes, and stickers across the front edge on the table so that they are simple to achieve for the children.

5. Finally, permit the munchkins to fill and decorate their very own Valentines Treat Boxes using the gourmet popcorn and Valentines stickers!

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